A state of the art ultrasound and whole body colour Doppler machines are available in the department. Dr Jiji Varghese, senior radiologist, with a vast experience in sonology and imaging is in charge of the department. The department performs plenty of antenatal scans, routine ultrasound imaging and Doppler studies on a daily basis



  • The CR department performs special contrast procedures (Barium and IVU procedures) alongside routine/special radiography.
  • The Ultrasound department performs routine scans (mammograms, thyroid, superficial and musculoskeletal) and Whole body Doppler studies.
  • Guided USG procedures (biopsy, aspirations) are performed regularly in the department.
  • Recently we acquired Premium Echo Cardiography system model Epiq 7C . It offers a totally new way to form ultrasound images. The combination of a new precision team former and massive parallel processing allow Epiq 7C to receive and process an enormous amount of acoustic data.